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Sig Sealane Flt Plane Kit 1537Mm Ws 40/46*

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Taxi gently away from the dock and head for open water. Increase power and watch the water spray behind you as the hull lifts smoothly off the water. From the start, you know this is no normal seaplane. Gentle, graceful, responsively solid. Then turn it on. Loops, rolls, even inverted flight. You'd never think this was a seaplane. Then settle back for a smooth touchdown into the sunset. Taxi back to the dock with solid, positive control, even in crosswinds. It's not a dream. It's seaplane flying at its best. It's the Sig Sealane.

Seaplane Flying At It's Best!

Seallane Float Plane Model Airplane
This is no ordinary Build It Yourself airplane kit. All wood parts in the SeaLane are precision laser cut from the finest hand selected balsa and plywood. Building time is kept to a minimum as the laser parts go together fast and accurately; fast enough to rival the assembly time of some ARF airplanes. A quality hardware package, full size rolled plans and a fully illustrated construction manual leave nothing to the imagination, even for the novice builder.

The SeaLane features a one-piece, removable wing, allowing easy access to all your radio gear. The forward facing pylon mounted engine keeps your power plant high and dry.

Optional Landlubber Landing Gear
(Main and tail wheel not included)
Seallane Float Plane Model Airplane
While the SeaLane is no landlubber, we include optional instructions showing the installation of a fixed gear tail dragger landing gear. Simply add the main and tail wheel assemblies (not included), detach the tip floats and burn up the skies at your local field. The SeaLane is the perfect choice for your first-time seaplane. Bring home all the thrills and excitement of aero-marining home today.

Wingspan: 60.5 in. 1537 mm
Wing Area: 674.2 in? 43.5 dm?
Fuselage Length 63.4 in. 1610 mm
Flying Weight: 6 to 7 lbs. 2720 - 3175 g
Required Engine: .40-.46 in? (6.5 - 7.5 cm?) 2-Stroke Glow
.40-.50 in? (6.5 - 8.2 cm?) 4-Stroke Glow
Radio Required: 4 Channel, 4 Standard Servos


100% laser cut parts
Builds fast
Quality hardware package
Full size rolled plans

Illustrated step-by-step construction manual
Removable one piece wing
High mounted forward facing engine pylon
Removable tip floats
Optional fixed landing gear
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