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KS Metals Tubing Assortment 1 Pc. In Outer

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Discover our assortment of eclectic metal pieces, your go-to source for those elusive "odds & ends" that are either hard to come by or time-consuming to craft with personal tools.

With a variable mix of brass, copper, and aluminum, this assortment offers a delightful surprise of various shapes and sizes, making it an ideal choice for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and creative scratch builders across all genres. Simplify your projects and unearth hidden gems with this versatile collection.


  • Material Type: Various (See Description)
  • Product Shape: Various (See Description)
  • Pieces Per Pack: Random

Product Uses:

- Mixed-Metal Artwork: Combine the different metal pieces to create unique mixed-metal artwork or sculptures. The contrasting colors and textures can add depth and visual interest to your creations.

- Jewelry Making: Use small metal cutoffs to craft custom jewelry pieces like earrings, pendants, or bracelets. These metals can be polished, textured, or patinaed to achieve different looks.

- Mosaic and Inlay Work: Incorporate metal pieces into mosaic or inlay projects in woodworking or furniture making. They can be used to create intricate patterns or decorative accents.

- Sculptural Lighting: Create unique lamp bases or pendant light fixtures by incorporating metal cutoffs into the design. They can cast interesting patterns when illuminated.

- Home Decor Accents: Incorporate metal cutoffs into home decor projects like tabletops, wall art, or decorative vases for a touch of elegance.

- Custom Miniatures: Metal cutoffs can serve as the foundation for creating custom RPG miniatures. By sculpting, bending, and attaching these pieces together, you can craft unique characters, monsters, or creatures to populate your gaming world.

- Tabletop Terrain and Scenery: Use metal cutoffs to construct custom terrain and scenery elements for your gaming table. These can include buildings, barricades, ruins, or even futuristic structures for sci-fi settings. Warhammer & DND fans unite!

- Cosplay :Metal cutoff pieces can elevate cosplay costumes by adding authenticity and intricate detailing. Whether crafting armor, cyberpunk accessories, or fantasy-themed elements, these versatile materials allow cosplayers to bring characters to life with realism and flair. From functional fasteners to character-specific props, metal cutoffs offer creative possibilities to enhance the overall look and feel of cosplay creations.

- Architectural Models: Use metal cutoffs to add architectural details to scale models, whether for school projects or architectural presentations.

- Educational Demonstrations: Use metal cutoffs for educational demonstrations in science or engineering classes to illustrate concepts related to materials, conductivity, or structural integrity.

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