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KS Metals Tube Strmline Al 35X1/4 5 Pcs/Outer *

SKU KS1100
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Aluminum streamline is a versatile material used in many industries. Commonly found in model airplanes, scale builds or other decorative applications, this lightweight tubing has no shortage of uses.

  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Product Shape: Streamline Tube
  • Leg Length:
  • Wall Thickness: .014"
  • Length: 35"
  • Alloy: 3003
  • Pieces Per Pack: 5

Product Uses:

- Aircraft Construction: Streamline tubing is widely used in the aviation industry, particularly for building aircraft frames and structures. Its streamlined shape reduces aerodynamic drag, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and performance.

- Automotive Applications: In the automotive sector, streamline tubing is employed for constructing vehicle frames, roll cages, and chassis components. The streamlined design can enhance the vehicle's aerodynamics and reduce air resistance.

- Bicycles and Motorcycle Frames: Bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers use streamline tubing to create lightweight and aerodynamic frames. This tubing helps cyclists and motorcyclists achieve higher speeds with less effort.

- Watercraft and Boats: Streamline tubing can be used in the construction of watercraft and boats to reduce water resistance and improve hydrodynamic performance, resulting in faster and more efficient vessels.

- Architectural Design: Architects and designers may incorporate streamline tubing into building and architectural projects for its sleek and futuristic appearance. It can be used for decorative elements, handrails, or exterior cladding.

- Custom Furniture: Craftsmen and designers use streamline tubing to create custom furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, and lighting fixtures. The tubing's distinctive shape adds a unique and contemporary aesthetic to the designs.

- Art Installations: Artists use streamline tubing to create sculptures and art installations, taking advantage of its fluid and eye-catching form.

- Mechanical Engineering: Streamline tubing can be integrated into mechanical engineering projects, such as conveyor systems, to reduce friction and improve efficiency.

- Custom Fabrication: Streamline tubing is often used in custom metal fabrication for various applications, offering strength and a distinct look.

- Sports Equipment: Streamline tubing is occasionally used in the design of sports equipment like racing bicycles, sleds, and skis to reduce wind resistance and enhance speed.

- Model Building: Hobbyists and model makers incorporate streamline tubing into scale model construction for aircraft, cars, and other vehicles to replicate the aerodynamic features of the real objects.

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